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Functional Breathing

This class serves as an introduction to fundamental breathwork and breathwork exercises to improve one’s ability to breathe better and with improved functionality. The end goal for the practitioners is to live healthier lives through the development of their own breathwork practice. In the class we will establish a base line of where the students are currently with their breathing and work on developing an awareness of how to improve their breathing for full maximum functionality and increased quality of life. Students will learn exercises to do at home on their own along with in studio help during class time so they can better achieve their breath practice goals.

Level I

Level I is a great place for a beginning student to start. Step by step instruction is given on the fundamentals of body alignment through yoga postures (asanas) and sequences. Learn to safely practice yoga while benefiting from its effects. Depending on the specific teacher’s method and perspective you may learn to use props to meet your individual needs and be introduced to basic yoga philosophy.

Level II

A Level II class is designed for students with some experience. Level II practice includes and refines what is presented in Level 1. This faster paced class encourages students to develop a consistent and personalized practice through the use of a wider range of asanas (poses) and sequences. In the process you may develop a deeper awareness of correct alignment and precise movements in the body. This class will help you refine poses while encouraging and training the mind to be calm while remaining alert and focused. Level II classes vary depending on the individual teacher’s background, method, and perspective.

Yin Yoga

This practice incorporates some fluid movements along with longer held poses. The intention behind a Yin practice is to increase flexibility, release held tensions and traumas from habitual patterns of holding in the body, and to become more in tune with your receptivity and the present moment. Most poses are done on the floor with plenty of support from props. Yin Yoga is an essential counterpart to more athletic and strenuous body endeavors. Think of it as if you could give yourself your own massage using stretching and breath.

Mixed Levels

A mixed levels class challenges both beginners and intermediate students with a thoughtful sequence of asanas (poses). Each teacher will bring their individual experience, training and perspective to asanas and sequences in the Mixed Levels class.

Therapeutic Yoga

Whether you have limited range of motion, significant pain, a recent injury, any other medical issue, or your body needs a little TLC, Therapeutic Yoga may be for you. Classic yoga poses (asanas) are used in a modified fashion – often with yoga props – to gently, safely, and gradually get students to start accessing their body with more awareness. Each therapeutic class begins slowly, often with passive motion; intentional breathing is encouraged. The class continues at a slower pace by holding most asanas for a few to several minutes with very little movement.


Gentle classes are ideal for yoga newcomers, students with particular needs or limitations, or students from a variety of traditions who want to ensure their practice foundations are safe and sound. The slower pace of a gentle class allows time to modify each posture to best suit your body. A gentle class is an ideal place to develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement with some support — We all need to take it easy sometimes so go gentle. Your body will thank you.

Open Movement Jam

All levels of yoga practitioners come together in a low-key, informal gathering to practice skills, work on new skills, teach each other poses & flows, play, and relax with each other.