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Sarsa (Sara) Buck

Sarsa (Sara) Buck is a certified yoga instructor, retreat leader, nature retreat leader, and meditation instructor living in the mountains of Colorado. It is her deep aspiration to create and hold sacred and transformative space for people who long to reconnect with their awakened hearts and wild nature. She has spent the greater part of a decade living in the deep woods of Colorado, adapting to off-grid living, living in a conscious community, and deepening her meditation and earth based practices and traditions. Sarsa is an alignment focused yoga instructor, receiving her certification from Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation in 2011. Since her initial yoga certification, she has undergone deep study in feminine embodiment and womb healing practices. Her movement offerings include yin yoga, vinyasa, Ashtanga yoga, Shakti Embodiment, Qi Gong, and women’s Taoist practices. Sarsa also guides meditation, practices Vedic temple dance, and is a belly dancer. She loves to bring all that inspires her into the spaces she creates, and believes there are so many ways one can reconnect with their bodies in a healing way. Sarsa also holds a certification from Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in permaculture design and is deeply driven to adapt her own lifestyle and educate others in more sustainable ways of living and being. Sarsa is dedicated to offering invaluable tools to help one achieve inner and outer sovereignty.