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Changes to Class Schedule!

We will have several changes to the schedule in the coming months as our teachers take time to travel, take more training and enjoy themselves. Please check our website regularly for exciting changes! NO ZOOM CLASSES UNTIL DECEMBER 19TH

Patty Creighton

In February 2023 Patty became the new owner and very happy steward of Yoga Tree. She has been a passionate yoga student for nearly ten years. Patty moved to the North Fork Valley in 2019 from Centennial, Colorado with three wishes in mind-space for a garden, room for her dog Gus to roam, and to be involved in the community, especially finding the yoga community. COVID slowed the third wish a bit, but it is in full swing now! Patty has also worked in horticulture and landscape design for many years. Future plans include more gardening and more yoga!